Welcome to Mike and Sharon's wedding!

Cover courtesy of the groom himself, Mike!

The grooms elite.

The groom must earn his way into the house using his charm to gain the family's acceptance. Bribes help too!

Once inside, the bridesmaids made the groomsmen do push-ups. The things we do for our friend's happiness!

United at last!

The mothers-in-law exchange green teas to drink, as a symbolic union of families.

Later, at the reception, we had a revolving table of treats... and lots of cigarettes too!

The couple must go to each table and shoot down a glass with the guests, without passing out. Gambay!

The couple here is taking funny requests to apppease their relatives. In a chinese wedding, it's more about the joining of the two families, than it is just about the couple.

Congrats to Mike and Sharon!

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