The forgotten 13th Sign, Cusp has given and taken away more from the Signs than anybody else. 5000 years ago, having landed a month after the last of the 12 Signs, Cusp was welcomed to Earth by a gang of angry Babylonian locals. During the visitor’s beating, he was thrown into a cave, to be sealed up for 100 years! During his time in the cave, he met a weak and battered former-Genie. This Genie had been stuck in the cave as well (by Ducktor X). With no hope of escape, Cusp convinced this weak Genie to teach him magic. Reluctant at first, he finally agreed. Soon, Cusp built up enough power to escape out of the cave, and he did! With his new power, he grew even more insane. Some of his newly developed abilities included flight, telepathic manipulation, and the will to create his physical desires (to an extent).

Determined to get revenge on the Signs, he traveled to Asia to recruit the Chinese Horoscopes. He convinced them to fight his battle, which later ensued at Mount Vesuvius, near modern day Naples. The Volcano erupted, and the 24 Signs were frozen in lava. Cusp, still alive, lost his powers when they froze, but ran away with his life.

Powerless for 5000 years, Cusp lived through some of the most magical and dreadful moments of human history. Having scaled all of the continents, he’s lived many a lifetime as a mere mortal.

During the year 2000, the Signs were freed from their frozen state. Instantly Cusp's powers were returned to him. He immediately pursued the Signs to get his ultimate revenge. He battled the Signs on Mt. Ararat and lost, but not before he repaired what used to be Noah’s Arc. The Signs got away on the newly restored boat, but Cusp vowed to strike again another day.


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