Genie of the Lamp

The Genie has lived in his lamp for many millenia. When he met Ducktor X, his new "master", he attempted to escape his wish-granting duties. Allowing 3 wishes, he gave Ducktor X what he requested, but played with his words, so that not everything went as planned. Instead of giving life to Ducktor X's species, as requested, he created a gift to the world that all myths and folklore would come to life if the legend is reinforced for over 100 years. Thus the Signs were born 100 years later.

Ducktor X's next 2 wishes were strength and immortality. Genie gave him both, but in doing so, was relieved of his duties. If one were to wish for immortality, HE would become a Genie himself, and the former Genie of the lamp would be free. This is what happened, though the Duck didn't take this lightly. He beat up the former Genie and trapped him in a cave, not to be discovered for years, until Cusp came along. After many trials and tribulations, Cusp convinced Genie to teach him what little magic he had left. Finally Cusp was powerful enough to break them out of the cave. After their release, the mad Cusp took the Genie and threw him high into the sky. No one is sure where he landed or if he survived.


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