Astrology Tales is a fun story about the 12 Signs of the Zodiac sailing the globe. Along their quest of doing good, they'll face many obstacles: Battling supervillains, encountering mythical creatures, and most importantly, trying their hardest just to get along with eachother! Capricorn the Goat is their leader, and as a team, each Sign has his or her specific duties on the boat. If they were to be exterminated, the entire human race would be devoid of not only is their survival entertaining, it's essential!


The Signs came into existence 5000 years ago, when a manipulative Genie, through a play of words, created a gift to the world that all myths and folklore would come to life if the legend is reinforced for over 100 years. After several generations, from the constellation Capricornus, came down a pod to Earth, and out of it, a goat with a fish tail named Capricorn. A month thereafter came Aquarius, followed by Pisces a month after that. 12 months went by, and 12 Signs were created.

A month later, a mysterious 13th Sign came down to earth. He was a tortured individual dressed in half black and half white. His name was Cusp. Instead of being greeted by his fellow signs, he was attacked by the locals of Babylonia, who added to his suffering. Over the next 100 years, he would become powerful by learning magic. Years went by, and Cusp, with a fiery vengeance against the Signs, went to the Orient to recruit 12 different Signs; The Chinese Horoscopes. He convinced these Signs, with a play of words, to help him in his battle against the "Evil Western Signs".

A great battle ensued near the volcano Vesuvius. As the Signs battled, while Cusp was floating in the air with a grin, the volcano erupted into a heat of anger and buried everything in its path. Cusp, who turned powerless after the Signs were buried in lava, ran off to see another day. The 24 Signs, however, were buried in the lava...not to be released for another 5000 years.

New years eve, 2000: The volcano Vesuvius rumbles but does not explode. Instead, 24 Signs shoot out from the ground below. They are all freed. The Eastern and Western Signs make their peace, and go about their separate ways.

Capricorn and his gang go to Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey to find their new "home": A ship from over 2000 years ago, called an Arc. They eventually find the scrappy remains, but the boat is not fixable. Suddenly, their enemy Cusp comes to attack. As he knocks out the Signs, he sees the remains of the boat, and through his newly restored magic, fixes the boat to tip-top shape with a snap of his finger. Before boarding his new home, the Signs get up and return the attack. As a team, they put him down, and sail off on their new transporter.

The past is told. The future brings many things. What is next?

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