Travel Enlightenment
10/01, 12 X 17"
Oil on masonite

This is one of my most personal paintings. In August of 1997, I ventured on a solo trip to Boston...long story short, things got screwed up with my motel arrangements, and I was left homeless for a night. I spent the night on this park bench to pass the night away. Since nothing bad happened to me on this eventful evening, the angels symbolize my growth as a traveler. With their gentle touch, I will be "awakened" as a new person. I will have gone from a naïve tourist into an experienced traveler. The angels can also be seen as my guardians, being that I made it through the whole experience unharmed and that much stronger.
Despite the lack of sleep and the lugging of heavy baggage, I still went out and did everything I wanted to do. This was a great growing experience for me, both as a traveler and as a human. I decided to summarize the whole night and weekend into one powerful moment.

This painting was displayed at the ASA Artist's Ball, in 2003.

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