Arthur Erberber was born and raised in Queens New York, to a good hardworking Armenian family. He's a taurus who enjoys hanging with his friends and family, along with creating art, and when the time and money are there, traveling outside of the fish bowl called New York City.


Art's Art

Art's art began as an infantile when he drew his favorite cartoon characters in his own stylized adventures. Garfield, Mickey Mouse, and the Looney Toons were his first favorites.

A slow evolution from cartoons to comic books began in junior high school as Batman and other butt-kicking superheroes became more important in his maturing life. He went on to the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan, where he majored in Cartooning/Comic Book Art. After highschool, Art went to college at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where he majored in Illustration. Here he slowly went from loving comic books to loving classical paintings, as he was taught about art's great masters, and attempted to paint from their examples.

Art presently works as an Art Educator, molding the artistic minds of the youth. He also freelances as a Photo Retoucher, where he uses Photoshop to fix and color correct a wide range of advertising images.

Painting is and always will be one of his greatest passions.


Art's Travel

Art's Travel: Art's love for travel came about, from a lack of travel. Having gone into his mid-twenties without a flying vacation, he decided to save some cash and fly on his own terms. So, with a desire to see the paintings of the masters, eat real italian food in Italy, and play around with a new form of currency that doesn't feature George Washington, he went to Europe in 2000. The 2 month trip began in May, which was originally a small solo trip that evolved into a grand trip of 4 people. Art has been on many epic trips since then, but always yearns to visit more countries, and to continue learning about the world.


Art's Astrology Tales Website

Visit Art's sister site, featuring his cartoon idea, Astrology Tales.


Art's Latest Creative Project

Visit Art's newest oil painting, "Perceptions over Reality", which addresses the unfounded fears of travel. Click here to see it!
Completed in August of 2017.

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