My month in Southern Africa begins here! My first stop was the coastal city of Cape Town, which was a delight, despite the abrupt weather changes.

Table Mountain is the gorgeous backdrop to the city’s breathtaking vistas. Unfortunately it was too cold, windy, and rainy for me to visit the top.

These are African penguins, as seen at the aquarium. They can be viewed in the wild, just an hour out of Cape Town.

Home of the soccer World Cup 2010.

Nobel Square, home to four of South Africa's Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Robben island, prison to Nelson Mandela. It is no longer a prison.

We had a tour guide who was once a political prisoner on this island.

These were his living quarters. Life was not easy on this island.


Nelson Mandela's cell. He spent 18 of his 27 prison years in this small cell. When he wasn't in here, he was doing physical labor in the nearby quarry.

Long Street. Great spot for food, drinks, and shopping.

Game meals are wonderful in Africa. Here is warthog, kudu, ostrich and crocodile curry!

Goodbye Cape Town!

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