We took a four day hike towards Machu Picchu, but before that, we stayed in a village.

At Raqchi village, we stayed with the local villagers. It was a great experience.

We got a demonstration of how the locals make their ceramics.

We partook in a special ceremony, paying tribute to Pachamama.

Music and dancing were on the menu.

We saw lots of political ads, painted on houses, walls, and even mountainsides.

Our four day hike begins!

Day 1 was pretty easy. On Day 2 however, we basically ascended for hours on end.

Day 2 peak. From 3300 meters to 4500 (14,763 feet) over many grueling hours.

We camped out at night.

Day 3: We made it to our highest point of the hike: 4750 meters (15,583 feet).

On Day 4, it was mostly descending, which was much easier on the legs!

We visited a village where an older couple explained to us how they live a very remote life.

The climate changed as we climbed down.

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