Copan was one of my favorite spots in the region. It had a nice small town feel, with great ruins, and amazing hot springs nearby.

I met up with my great tour group. I am lone American among a varied group, including Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, Scots, Irish, Dutch, Danes, Poles, and Norwegians. All great people!


Every town or city in Central America has a square with a church.

I love riding those rickshaws!

Mayan ruins of Copan.

The nearby museum shows a reconstruction of what a Mayan structure may have looked like, with the paint intact.


Honuduran cowboys. Be careful, they're armed!

It was amazing seeing parrots in the wild. These two are life partners (possibly up to 50 years!).

Classic meal from the region. Rice, beans, chicken, plantain, and avocado.


These natural hot springs were heaven on earth!

Goodbye Copan. I hope to come again.

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