This is Nambia's top national park for wildlife. We absolutely loved it.

The giraffe was afraid to take a sip of water because of the lions nearby.

The elusive leopard!

A honey badger was visiting our campsite for food.

This lion was walking by some safari trucks. The lions have come to ignore them.

Mongoose! I love these animals.

Hyena at a waterhole.

This beatiful watering hole had seating for humans to watch the action, even at night (with floodlights). We were higher up and fenced off.

A rhino came for a drink. He was apprehensive with every sound he heard.

Here is our excellent crew: our tour guide (from Zimbabwe) and our driver and cook (from Kenya).

Getting silly at the Etosha Pan, which is a large endorheic salt pan.

The next we day we visited the San, or Bushmen, who are the indigenous hunter-gatherer people of Southern Africa.

Here they are teaching me to how make a fire using sticks. I couldn't do it very well.

This is a living museum. The San are no longer allowed to live the nomadic life, so they present tours for tourists. They dress in their traditional garb for visitors.


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