After having saved up for 2 years, and doing heavy research during the wait, I was finally ready to fly to other countries and experience new cultures.

Originally, my gameplan was a one month solo journey...but my schoolfriend Mike was determined to return to Europa, so he saved hardcore, and joined me in what evolved into a 2 month trip. His friend Dan, with whom he had already traveled to Europe, also joined us for the whole ride. Lastly, my good friend Howard agreed to meet us at the midpoint of the trip for 2 weeks.

Our route went as such: We landed and departed from Amsterdam, and went more or less clockwise in a circle. Howard met us in Geneva and parted from us in Paris. The four of us met before the trip, and decided on what cities were worth stopping through. After agreeing on the locales, I went ahead and booked most of the motel/hostel accomodations from home. A lot of the potential disasters were averted by planning ahead of time. Our course and schedule went pretty smoothly, with unplanned daytrips and excursions added to the mix, usually on the spot.
Overall, a fantastic trip, and something I want to do again. And yes indeed, it was worth every penny!

Also, a special thanks to Howard and Mike for some of these great pictures throughout!

The course of our trip. Click here for the list.

Mini-city souvenirs, each picked up from their genuine locales.


Currencies, before the unified Euro.

All photos are © Arthur Erberber,
Howard Kanner, and Mike Loh.
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