Kazbegi was GORGEOUS! It is definitely a must-see in Georgia, just on the border of Russia.

Mount Kazbek, seen here in the background, is in Russia.

Gergeti Trinity Church is the place to hike to. You can also drive up there, but you’ll miss out on many great views along the hiking trail.

The hike to the church is not very long (under 2 hours) but super steep. The views along the way are magnificent.

Gergeti Trinity Church (14th century) lies in perhaps the most beautiful setting in all of the Caucasus region.

The clouds keep moving, and continue to cast interesting shadows on the mountains, so you never really see the same view twice.

I caught a shepherd moving his flock of sheep. He did not want to be photographed.

Seeing cows on the road to Kazbegi was common!

Odjahuri is Georgian dish of meat and potatoes.

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