La Paz, is the "de facto" captial of Bolivia. It’s not built on tourism, and people don’t hassle you on the street, trying to sell you stuff. I enjoyed walking the busy streets.

La Paz is a very hilly city.

Witches Market.

Plaza Mayor.

Fastfood with local cuisine!

I got a haircut! Only 3 dollars.

There are markets everywhere, which I love.

Plaza Murillo has LOTS of pigeons.

“Mi Teleférico”, the city’s new and clean cable car, for great panoramic views.

Last meal with my old tour mates.

We biked down the "World's Most Dangerous Road".

We started at 4700 meters (15,429 feet). Our whole desecent was 64 km (40 miles).

Watch out for vehicles going up!

Rocky roads, steep drops, and sharp curves, make it a challenge to bike down.

A victory beer for surviving!

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