The island of Paros is paradise! The vibe is laid back, the scenery is beautiful, the food tastes spectacular, and the weather is delightful (just a bit windy).

Blue and white is the common motif.

The breathtaking Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani is a 4th century masterpiece.

When you meet a fellow Armenian, you become instant friends! She was working at the bike rental shop, and we had a great talk.

I rented an electric bike, for the first time, and really enjoyed it. The battery doesn’t last all day, but it really helps when biking up hills.

I’m staying in the town of Parikia. I biked to the other big town, Naousa, which was beautiful as well.

Aliki beach was really pleasant. It was a nice and small sandy beach, with not too many people.

This is the only Armenian restaurant that I found on my travels in Greece. Of course I ate there!

Antiparos is a smaller island, just a short ferry ride away from Paros.

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