I am back in South Africa. I decided to stay in Soweto, which is a township just southwest of Johannesburg. It was an interesting experience.


Soweto stands for South Western Township. It is where the whites pushed the blacks out after a threatening plague in Joburg during the gold rush.

Soweto has come a long way since Apartheid. I walked around town and felt safe, even though I was a white person on my own.

The famous 4 hour bike tour. Off we go!

This is the less affluent part of town. They do not have running water and electricity like on the block I am staying.

Here we tried some local beer, made famous during the Apartheid years.

Orlando Stadium.

Nelson Mandela's house.

My cozy accommodation.

Every night at the hostel, we had a lovely campfire.

A Scot and the owner of the hostel jamming out. A perfect way to end the night.


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