I had just a 20 hour layover in Tokyo before flying home from Bangkok. Between transportation and sleep, that left me with just 4–5 hours to see Tokyo. Not a lot, but I will take it!


I instantly loved this city. I wish I had more time!

The subway is INSANELY huge, yet surprisingly easy to navigate.

I loved these really quiet streets with no vehicles, and little restaurants lined up against one another.

Here is my sushi restaurant, the only proper meal I had in Tokyo.

Beyond grateful to be here.

Here is Shibuya, the "Times Square" of Tokyo. It was smaller and much more tame than I had imagined.

It was full of hip Japanese youth, more so than tourists.

Here is Tokyo Tower. To my disappointment, it was closed for the night.

I met this gentleman at Tokyo Tower, equally disappointed about it being closed. We became friends for my last hour awake in Tokyo. He was here on business, from North Korea.

Last stroll in the Shinjuku neighborhood.


Here are my accomodations. A capsule hotel! Small but adequate for a night's sleep!


All great trips must come to an end. So long Japan. I hope we meet again, but next time for MUCH longer!

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